Seth’s Blog: Competition as a crutch

Art has a reputation for walking it's own path without regard to popular opinion.  I think that has always been, shall I say, partly true.  There are a few who disregard convention and the feedback of the art critics, the art buyers, the art teachers. Most of the current batch of artists; and admittedly my experience is limited because I'm one of the new batch; tend to listen to the public opinion and sort of skew their output in that direction.  It seems that for some of us, earning a living or having our art put money in our wallet is also a factor.  I don't think this is wrong, because it's paying attention to the people we want as clients and collectors. On the other hand, competition amongst us may not always be the right answer to the production of art, and it's a very easy situation to find oneself in! Seth's Blog: Competition as a crutch.  

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