Bella Bullie

Bella is #2 in my Reno series.... If you're just coming in to the blog, I've been commissioned to do a series of pet portraits for a veterinary hospital in Reno, Nevada. One of my challenges in painting Bella is that she was really turning her head to the side, straining. The eye that's visible was rolled way away from my viewpoint, almost so the white of the eyeball was the most prominent feature.  I corrected that angle a little so the portrait is more pleasing to look at. The high desert light is so very pure, and so very intense that few cameras can capture the light AND the shadow adequately. Fortunately, I have lifelong experience with many breeds of dogs, and have lived in the high desert most of my adolescent life. With a decent capture, a nice expression on your pup, and my ability to interpret both into a painting, the results can be fabulous. If you'd like more information on purchasing or commissioning, just let me know! Bella Bullie 6x8 watercolor on cotton paper; To purchase or commission, please contact me.

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