Painting the dog, or Emilie Whippet takes a nap, Stage 2

After the paint is dry, and I've had lunch and a nap myself, I'm ready to continue with Emilie Whippet. This next stage of the painting is a more contemplative process. Instead of slinging paint, I'm actually placing my marks in specific spots, all the while whispering to the paint to please, oh please! cooperate. (smile) The hardest thing is to realize that the frisket is going to come off, and I therefore need to place paint with an eye to how it's going to interact with the paper color as well as the other colors and shapes that I've set in place. At last I've removed the frisket, which leaves very white and hard-edged marks on my paper. It has done an admirable job, and now it's time to finish the task. Anyone with questions about the process, or how to commission a work just let me know, I'm pretty responsive except when painting. (smile) Emilie's Nap 14"x11" Watercolor on 100% cotton paper Interested parties may contact me here:

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