Painting the dog, or, the end of Emilie Whippet takes a nap

Emilie Whippet is complete. I've softened the harsh whites a little in places, and accentuated them in others. Deapened the shadow areas so that Emilie's more firmly anchored to the bed. There's nothing worse than a floating whippet! Those little dogs can RUN!!!! Continuing in the vein of contemplative process, I'm still not slinging paint, but I am listening to my moldy-oldies on the iPad. During the final stages of a painting I'm asking myself some questions. Have I retained my highlights? Are the eyes round and not flat like a cartoon? Have I captured the attitude, the flavor of the whippet? Does she look relaxed, or forced? The most important aspect of my work is that even though it may come from a photographic reference, it must not resemble a photograph. Cameras are so cool, and so smart nowadays, but they still can't capture the full spectrum of color and light and atmospheric vibrancy that is abundant. When I realized that fact, I layed down my camera and picked up the brush. The results have been nothing short of an amazing, exciting and sometimes hazardous trip into the world of making art . Anyone with questions about the process, or how to commission a work just let me know, I'm pretty responsive except when painting. (smile) Emilie's Nap 14"x11" Watercolor on 100% cotton paper Interested parties may contact me here:

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