Neighbors, an abstract landscape, Stage 2

As I explained in my previous post on the process of Neighbors, one of my biggest goals and challenges this year has been to create an abstracted landscape with oil paint. As you know from my previous posting, oil paints dry relatively slowly so I had lots of time to not only make my initial defining marks, but to come back in and add some solid masses of color to the fore and midground planes. (I also had time to scrub out some errors that I didn't realize were until I saw them in the context of the overall landscape). Most of the paint is pretty thin, so there actually is a point in time when the paint is dry and can't be erased or removed except with pure turpentine. I have some, but wasn't in the mood for the aromatics of triple-distilled turps from loblolly pine trees in Georgia. Not sure how I feel about all these color masses. I like it, but I don't. What I need to do is contemplate the direction I want to go in comparison with what this particular landscape needs me to give it. Anyone with questions about the process, or how to commission a work just let me know, I'm pretty responsive except when painting. (smile) 18x14 oil on linen panel This is an in-progress painting. For information on processes I've used, please contact me here:

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