A Dog and his Ball, one of a series about Tony the Papillon

In this painting Tony is about 1 or 2 years old, and he was CRAZY for the ball. He would catch it on land, he'd jump in the water, anything for that ball. Here he's just come out of the water onto to dock - with the ball. Barely on the dock, and it's time to shake off the water! I realized a little while back that because Tony has always accompanied me whenever I travel by land, I have a lot of photos of this dog doing basically everything I do. He's my camping and hiking buddy.  My papillon, Tony, is 10 years old this year. His black mask is now very, very white instead of black, and his eyes are showing the cloudiness of age.  It's time to paint my own pack now. For a dog that looks like a fancy-pants, he's very game. A Dog and His Ball 16x10 watercolor on 100% cotton paper Come see the original painting at Sunflower Gallery in Wake Forest.  Reception and show opening is 14 September and will run through October 9. Interested parties may contact me here: Kittie@KDeemer.com

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