Neighbors, a landscape; Complete!

As you can see, I rediscovered my negative spaces, while keeping the visual path I so liked from the front of the painting back to the 2 house forms nestled in the hills. I try never to introduce a random color when a painting is nearing completion, and like a dieter with a fresh from the oven cookie, the temptation is almost irresistable! I actually had the most yummy color whipped up, on the brush and almost, almost on the linen when my brain finally overrode my body and pulled my hand back.  Whew!!  Close one. After a rinse and a wipe, I again paused for a moment of contemplation, and found the perfect blue to use. It's used throughout the painting and provides a restful yet interesting component to the painting.  I quite like the results, and I hope you do, too! This painting will be hanging at Studio 4 in The Carter Building for First Friday, and will then move to Harris Warren Gallery in Wake Forest for the Tour of Artists, 14 - 16 September, 2012. Neighbors This is another in an on-going series of paintings that are an expression of the emotional ties that bind the artist to her only living relative. 18x14 oil on linen on panel; $395 Interested parties may contact me here:

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