Mustangs and Dreams

Sometimes making art isn't difficult. The painting arrives unbidden, and quietly places itself upon the canvas. Oh sure, there's the little nit-bits that require tweaking and twiddling, but for the most part, the portrait sings itself into being. This painting was like that. It started as an abstracted landscape. Didn't like that, so what kind of living creature might I find here? And there he is. I've titled this Mustang Dreams, because I think they do dream. They dream of no mountain lions, no freezing rain and snow, and they dream of fresh, sweet hay. Mustang Dreams 20x24 acrylic on canvas; $400 You may also purchase reproductions here:

Collage Art and Inspiration

Last Saturday was the final presentation at HW Harris Warren Gallery in my little town of Wake Forest. The guest speaker was Mary Storms, one of the nicest people I've had the opportunity to meet. Mary works with vivid, delightful color, and her collage is representational (enough for me) which makes me even more appreciative of the work involved. One of the things I like best about the "Art of Collecting" series is the chance to actually try my hand at what the different guest speakers do every day in their own studio. It's a wonderful break from my same-o same-o! Mary brought a stash of prepared paper supports, lots and lots of torn, cut and collected paper - plain and patterned. We all sat at the big table and communed with each other and the paper pieces. Joking and laughing and sharing much appreciation of each others' mini masterpieces. I've included the rectangular piece I made under Mary's tutelage, and the square piece I made tonight. I'm not sure what I'll do with it, but I'm pretty sure it'll be part of a story. Enjoy!

Border Collie puppies are just so darn cute!

I call this one "Darn Good Stock". You can tell just by that face! I giggled the whole way through this painting, it just makes me happy to look at it. Darn Good Stock will be hanging at Kerious Koop downtown Raleigh for the August First Friday artwalk. Come on down and say "hi". Inquiries are welcome, just shoot me a note, or phone me up. Darn Good Stock 20x20 acrylic on paper; $350

Early morning drive-by

Saturday I attended a 6 hour workshop at a local art store. I was in dire need of some entertainment, and soul food. The price? About the cost of a cut and color at the local ritzy hair salon. The instructor? Dan Nelson. That crazy dude who paints outside on GIANT canvases that he constructs himself. I mean like 5 FOOT by 8 FOOT canvases! Me? I painted on a 16x20" canvas and felt like a giant. Enjoy! This is the subject matter chosen for 14 of us by Dan. He had photographed the farm, and presented us with black and white photocopies. The cool thing about it is that with the color removed, one less shackle to the photograph remained. I like this style, I can see adding this particular music to my repetoire. If you think you would like something like this for your home or office, drop me a line! ala Dan Nelson 20x16 oil on linen; Not For Sale, but you can commission your own!

Going Home

The high desert of the Southwest is a juxtaposition of bare mountain, scrub oak, juniper and fertile fields in the valley (where there's water, that is). In Fallon, Nevada there's plenty of water and a major crop is alfalfa. The horses and cows and goats are sleek, shiny and round-bellied. The altitude is high and the pollution and dust in the air is low.   Going Home 14x11 Acrylic on stretched canvas