Pears and Brass

I visited my hair stylist the other day. Next door is a wonderful antique/thrift shop and I found this brass urn. Set up my still life and painted it from life. The grapes are kind of wrinkly now, but they did their job well. Pears and Brass Urn 9x20" oil on canvas; $450 ready to frame

Feel free to rise

We are so held up by our fears, concerns and personal challenges that sometimes we forget to fly. Sometimes we can fly, but we need some space for take off. Sometimes we can fly, but the water of our life is holding us back. Maybe we've gotten in too deep. Life is that water that feeds us, and yet also drags us back sometimes. If we gaze upward and don't lose sight of what we can be, then we will ascend. Ascension 8x10 oil on canvas

Night Skies

I'm actually humming "O Holy Night" under my breath, but the title is Abandoned Road. It's night, a hint of moonlight, the trees are starting to go to sleep for their winter rest. The track glows with the light of the moon. This painting is ready to be framed. Abandoned Road 8x10" oil on linen

Sprouting Onion

So before the onion got too soft and squishy, I painted him once more. The green sprouts were darker and had curled in the most delicious way around the onion and towards the light. I'm learning that painting regularly is absolutely needed for continued growth. I'm also learning that while I'm a 2, 3, or even 4 times a week painter, I'm rarely a daily painter. I don't grow that quickly in my work. I have spurts of progress and output followed by rest periods where my brain retools itself, refreshes itself and gets ready for the next bit of creative output. I'm in awe of those artists who can churn out paintings day after day. Sprouting Onion 5x7 oil on panel; $55