A Colorful approach

I'm trying out a new-to-me palette of colors. It's a secondary palette, and the 6 main colors mix to create pure secondaries, unlike the primary palette, which creates a more subdued set of combinations. Here's a look at the latest color wheel and the first painting using the new palette. The neutral colors are most certainly the challenge here, I'll need to improve my control of the pigments, but I'm looking forward to the dance! wpid2667-DSC_9974.jpg   watercolor on 100% cotton paper   watercolor on 100% cotton paper

Can the warm be far behind?

It's a wind chill of minus 7, and only expected to get to 16 F here in the balmy south. The Canadiens have generously shared their polar temps with us, and I'm taking advantage of it to make some frozen paintings. While I psych myself up for sub-freezing fun, I'm taking respite in a little bit of painting summer. Joy 11x14 watercolor on 100% cotton paper

A Surprisingly nice yellow

It's been rainy all weekend, so I decided to do some research into various color palettes. Handprint.com is a marvelous website for watercolor information. I found it very interesting that the author, Bruce MacEvoy likes PY150, which is a nickel Azo. Winsor & Newton label it as Transparent Yellow, series 1A. Be advised that they also have a Transparent Yellow, PY97 (Arylamide) which is a series 2. That means it's a bit more expensive, about $4. The colors on first glance aren't even similar, the series 1A yellow looks like yellow ochre in the tube, while the series 2 yellow is clear and bright. I consider myself a power-user of transparent yellow, and had considered the series 1A a mistake until yesterday. This yellow is rich, and when blended out with water it becomes bright and transparent. It lifts out almost to the white of the paper and makes a wonderful orange when mixed with Cadmium Red PR108. Here's a little sparrow I painted using PY150. watercolor on 100% cotton paper

Birds, Bees, Flowers and Trees

I cannot believe that I've neglected my blog for 2 months almost! I've been painting and getting ready for a knee operation. Still waiting on the insurance to approve the procedure. In the meantime, I've added a sweet little Papillon to the gang, and began working on a few small paintings that can be done sitting down. Here's the most recent work in progress. Enjoy!  The wrens love to sit in the Christmas greenery and eyeball the woodpecker suet cake hanging from the porch eave.  Caught this little one in the act of eyeballing the distance just before he leapt to the suet.  Acrobats, all! Looking Up! House Wren; 5x7" watercolor on 100% cotton paper; $70

I don’t know her

but here she is. I found her in my watercolor drawer, drawn in lightly on the paper, but nothing else. I can't find any reference photographs anywhere, so I'm thinking that I drew her from life. The more I painted, the more I thought about her. I guess this is another one that may become a larger work. Maybe my moratorium on painting is over. Yay! Unknown watercolor on 100% cotton paper; study Interested parties may contact me here: Kittie@KDeemer.com