Desi Dog’s watercolor portrait

I was so honored when Yaniv and Lisa commissioned a painting of their dear girl! Desi is no longer in the world, so this painting was of necessity designed from already existing photographs the Yaniv and Lisa provided. If you think you would like a piece of contemporary art the celebrates life, then please contact me by email, or phone. Let's talk! Desi Dog 11x14 wc; Sold

Samson the Boxer dog

I was commissioned to paint a portrait of a lively older gentleman of a dog. Is that an oxymoron? Only when talking about humans, I think! Samson is a brindle boxer, about 10 years old. Met his dad and mom at my Raleigh studio on a First Friday. Whenever possible I prefer to meet the pet, and get my own photographic reference material. In this case I was able to do just that. It was an absolute treat to meet with Samson and Diana. This will be the best birthday gift surprise ever! Boxer dog Samson at 10 years old wc; ; $ Sold

Dog Portraits in Oil with a twist!

I'm hoping that the summer "take Fridays off" season hasn't yet begun. I've been working with a professional photographer, Sue Rakes to provide custom paintings of the 'wee ones'. While I paint kid's portraits, these are pet portraits. Why not just get a digital painting, you may ask. First, it doesn't have that yummy (non-toxic) smell of oil paint. Second, it shows all the variations of interpretation, just like your pet has many manifestations. Third, it's so totally cool to see your baby staring out of someone else's interpretation. So. After you've had the wonderful professional portraits made, consider a custom painting of your baby. It's art, man!!! 11x14 oil, framed;$210

heARTwork – Love made visible

This little guy has traveled over 30,000 miles with me in a camper van.  He guards me at night, and greets the morning with a wag and a game of "kong".  He's coyote bait, so he always stays leashed up when we're in the desert.  When we were in Montana, Tony proudly wore bells on his harness so the grizzlies and black bears wouldn't be startled by him on hikes. I take Tony's picture all the time, so he's used to posing for me.  As a matter of fact, he'll even run into a stream and hop up on a rock for me!  I know, silly, but I have the best shots of my dog in the middle of streams in the American West.  

Large Marge, Virginia Range Mustang

Meet large Marge. She's a retired mare who lives with my sister. Her purpose is to look beautiful while in actuality she's somewhat of a bully and must be supervised. This horse is gorgeous and really, really tall. I know, I rode her once. I thought I was riding a skyscraper! Anyhow, enjoy this little study, and stay tuned for the full-sized version.  Oh!  And I forgot the most important part!  No pencil drawing, only painting. Large Marge approx. 9x12 watercolor