I think that's Japanese for "kissy-kissy!"  Oh, I know that's not true.  But I like thinking it is.  In my case though, it's a French Bulldog named Barnaby. He's my sponsored foster dog at the French Bulldog Rescue association. I painted Barnaby in yellows, greens and purples. They are the colors of intelligence, joy, optimism, hope and dignity.   Barnaby wc; 11.5" x 12.5" on 200# cotton paper; NFS

A little bit of sunshine

Sunrise Guinea Pig wc; 12x16; $225 framed
I painted this sweet little rodent a little while back. He's a drop of sunshine in a rainy world, and very very serious about his job as head guinea pig!

On the Hook

Sometimes my bird Jake likes to feel all cozy and warm. He also likes to feel like he's the highest bird in the tree. When that happens, he commandeers Lucy's hook. This way Jake is at the very tippy-top of the tree (the cage) and scrubbing against the ceiling. He feels very superior and safe and cozy. He usually sings in his wheezy, Jake-like voice from here. Love songs. For me. I'm so lucky!

Sometimes LOVE is hypo-allergenic…

Coton de Tulear
Coton de Tulear
Just Jack
Meet Jack.  I've not met a dog who is truly smiling all the time!  Jack came and stayed for a couple of days.  He integrated with our pack seamlessly, even Miss India didn't roll him too many times.  Jack took a perverse pleasure in going exactly where the pack leader told him NOT to go!  It was great fun watching a sassy, happy little dog fit right in. Happy Easter, Heather and Jack (oh yeah, Alex too)