Love comes in all shapes

I attended a short workshop and created this lovely little painting. Not exactly one of my watercolors, but I think it still has my "style". I love it! Feel free to share this post with all of your friends!

Ria, the K9

Ria is the luckiest dog in the world!  Her mom and dad love her to bits, and she gets to work a really interesting job.  Not to mention all the friends she makes along the way.

Curiosity and the goat

I love this goat! Whenever I visit my sister and her family, I spend time photographing the critters that live there. I'm finally - FINALLY! getting to put them onto paper the way I see them, not the way the camera sees them. Wow. This is fun stuff.

Quiet Pride

  This painting is for the lady who works on my car. Well, her service guys work on my car. I swiped the reference photo from her bulletin board, and it just so happens that I need to go in for an oil change. Think she'll be surprised? I hope she likes it. Such calm, and steadiness in this little face. I love it.