Night Skies

I'm actually humming "O Holy Night" under my breath, but the title is Abandoned Road. It's night, a hint of moonlight, the trees are starting to go to sleep for their winter rest. The track glows with the light of the moon. This painting is ready to be framed. Abandoned Road 8x10" oil on linen

Birds, Bees, Flowers and Trees

I cannot believe that I've neglected my blog for 2 months almost! I've been painting and getting ready for a knee operation. Still waiting on the insurance to approve the procedure. In the meantime, I've added a sweet little Papillon to the gang, and began working on a few small paintings that can be done sitting down. Here's the most recent work in progress. Enjoy!  The wrens love to sit in the Christmas greenery and eyeball the woodpecker suet cake hanging from the porch eave.  Caught this little one in the act of eyeballing the distance just before he leapt to the suet.  Acrobats, all! Looking Up! House Wren; 5x7" watercolor on 100% cotton paper; $70

Work and the Autumn light

Couldn't resist a photograph of Ace, the workdog waiting to take off for a day of hanging with the remodelers. He's staring at me with those little round Papillon eyes as if to say, "nanananana! I'm going and you aren't!"

3 Life Lessons, re-learned yet again!

Lesson 1: If you feel pressured in any way to act, purchase or do, then it is almost 100% in your best interest to refuse to act, purchase or do. Lesson 2: If you ignore the tiny voice and act, purchase or do; count it a blessing that you've been given an opportunity to learn. Lesson 3: Revisit Lesson 1.  
The Sophia Rose
The Sophia Rose