One of the best things my sister ever did

I had the rare opportunity several years back to have my nieces to myself. I realized why their parents would never part with them! They're marvelous, wonderful and sweet. Anyhow, my youngest niece basks in the shadow of her older sister, and does it mostly with grace and humor. Tobi, this sketch is my love for you! I hope you don't think I'm too dorky.

Accessories is Complete

Well, this painting is one of the most fun paintings I've had in a couple of days. It's a story of who accessorizes who. A story of love, mutual admiration, and a cramp in one's neck. Reesie's mom loves her very much, and Reesie returns that love. Reesie has outfits. More outfits than I have (but I'm an artist, how many outfits do I need?) Please subscribe to receive notifications of new paintings.

Hot Summer Dreams

I believe the little beauty is complete! I've named her "Hot Summer Dreams". She's 14"x18" in size, and is my favorite painting thus far. (I have about 85 more that are screaming to be put on canvas. I'm sure each one of them will be my favorite painting - LOL)