Oil Study of my niece

What an awesome painting day today! This sweet little study is in preparation for a larger painting to be done on linen. This particular piece is 9x12 on gessoed board. It's an acrylic underpainting, and then oils on the surface. I suppose the technical term to describe this study would be "mixed media".

“Mood Lighting”

This little beauty sold last autumn.  I have limited edition Giclee prints available, however.   She's part of my Intimate Universe series.  I have a particular affinity for the small details.  What better way to bring them "to light"?

Hot Summer Dreams

I believe the little beauty is complete! I've named her "Hot Summer Dreams". She's 14"x18" in size, and is my favorite painting thus far. (I have about 85 more that are screaming to be put on canvas. I'm sure each one of them will be my favorite painting - LOL)

The Salton Sea

In October/November, I drove west.  I delivered a car to my niece, and then my able-bodied papillon Tony and I headed south and west to Death Valley, and points south.   This image is a 5x7 acrylic on panel that I painted after driving in to Bombay Beach for "taco-Tuesday".  The sun was setting, and the Salton Sea was the thinnest strip of silver shining against the far shoreline.