3 Life Lessons, re-learned yet again!

Lesson 1: If you feel pressured in any way to act, purchase or do, then it is almost 100% in your best interest to refuse to act, purchase or do. Lesson 2: If you ignore the tiny voice and act, purchase or do; count it a blessing that you've been given an opportunity to learn. Lesson 3: Revisit Lesson 1.  
The Sophia Rose
The Sophia Rose

My Papillon graduates this week!

Yay! Ace graduates from puppy confidence class this week. In honor of the occasion, we're wearing a hat. Well, Ace is. I don't think I'll have time to make him a fedora, so we went the Mardi Gras route. Ace is pretty happy about it (at least the treat part).  

Photography and Art

There's a reason I don't make a habit of using my smart phone to photograph my artwork. The main reason is that the smart phone may be able to recognize my voice, interface with social media and call my friends as well as let me "find" it via GPS; BUT it's not the right tool when I want you to have an accurate look at my work. This is a portrait I'm working on. Pretend you're the parents of this beautiful child. Would you rather have the smart phone version or the "good camera" version? Hint: the good camera version is the one that reproduces the painting as it looks on the easel. The iPhone version is rather contrasty, and the result is a blotchy looking painting.  If I were my client, I'd be wondering why I'm paying a painter for this and hoping it looks better in person than it does on my screen.  This is photographed with the good camera.  The colors and contrast are more accurate and the overall look is one of fine art.  This is what I would like my clients to see.  I have a 5 second process of measuring the quantity of the light falling on the painting, then measuring the quality of the light falling on the painting.  The end result is to allow the tiny computer in the camera match reality to the best of it's ability.      

The story of Rusty and Timber makes national news! | rvsue and her canine crew

I follow a few blogs, mostly art and floral blogs.  RV Sue is one of my favorites. Sue retired a year ago in August and hit the road.  She's my heroine!  Anyhow, she met a nice man named Rusty and his dog Timber.  It's amazing how resourceful we can be with our crumbs and not only survive but enjoy living. This story is worth a few minutes of your time, because it's about a man and his faithful dog, and the people who helped them find each other again. The story of Rusty and Timber makes national news! | rvsue and her canine crew.