Pears and Brass

I visited my hair stylist the other day. Next door is a wonderful antique/thrift shop and I found this brass urn. Set up my still life and painted it from life. The grapes are kind of wrinkly now, but they did their job well. Pears and Brass Urn 9x20" oil on canvas; $450 ready to frame

A Colorful approach

I'm trying out a new-to-me palette of colors. It's a secondary palette, and the 6 main colors mix to create pure secondaries, unlike the primary palette, which creates a more subdued set of combinations. Here's a look at the latest color wheel and the first painting using the new palette. The neutral colors are most certainly the challenge here, I'll need to improve my control of the pigments, but I'm looking forward to the dance! wpid2667-DSC_9974.jpg   watercolor on 100% cotton paper   watercolor on 100% cotton paper

Feel free to rise

We are so held up by our fears, concerns and personal challenges that sometimes we forget to fly. Sometimes we can fly, but we need some space for take off. Sometimes we can fly, but the water of our life is holding us back. Maybe we've gotten in too deep. Life is that water that feeds us, and yet also drags us back sometimes. If we gaze upward and don't lose sight of what we can be, then we will ascend. Ascension 8x10 oil on canvas

I don’t know her

but here she is. I found her in my watercolor drawer, drawn in lightly on the paper, but nothing else. I can't find any reference photographs anywhere, so I'm thinking that I drew her from life. The more I painted, the more I thought about her. I guess this is another one that may become a larger work. Maybe my moratorium on painting is over. Yay! Unknown watercolor on 100% cotton paper; study Interested parties may contact me here:

His stories are an offering

Sometimes you connect with another human being. It's one of those things we strive for, were made for, and when it happens it's a thing of beauty. This painting has been over 2 years in the making. I've painted this painting so far 2 times. I expect that I will paint it at least once more in the near future. I'm finding as I paint this man's face, I not only discover more about him and his story and his life, but I'm able to see and extract my story, as well. And isn't that what a fine piece of art does? It allows us to experience another through the filter of ourselves. We all have stories to offer. This painting will be with me in Site 1 at the Durham Art Walk, Saturday and Sunday. Please say "hi" and let me know you read it here! His Stories are an Offering 15x22 watercolor; $850