Pears and Brass

I visited my hair stylist the other day. Next door is a wonderful antique/thrift shop and I found this brass urn. Set up my still life and painted it from life. The grapes are kind of wrinkly now, but they did their job well. Pears and Brass Urn 9x20" oil on canvas; $450 ready to frame

Photography and Art

There's a reason I don't make a habit of using my smart phone to photograph my artwork. The main reason is that the smart phone may be able to recognize my voice, interface with social media and call my friends as well as let me "find" it via GPS; BUT it's not the right tool when I want you to have an accurate look at my work. This is a portrait I'm working on. Pretend you're the parents of this beautiful child. Would you rather have the smart phone version or the "good camera" version? Hint: the good camera version is the one that reproduces the painting as it looks on the easel. The iPhone version is rather contrasty, and the result is a blotchy looking painting.  If I were my client, I'd be wondering why I'm paying a painter for this and hoping it looks better in person than it does on my screen.  This is photographed with the good camera.  The colors and contrast are more accurate and the overall look is one of fine art.  This is what I would like my clients to see.  I have a 5 second process of measuring the quantity of the light falling on the painting, then measuring the quality of the light falling on the painting.  The end result is to allow the tiny computer in the camera match reality to the best of it's ability.      

Emma, Complete

I'm so happy with this portrait. When I walk out of the room and return, I see a young girl on the brink of becoming a young woman. In her eyes is a freshness and honesty that too often gets beaten down and put in the basement as we grow older. I wish for her an interesting journey as she grows. On the Brink watercolor on 100% cotton paper Interested parties may contact me here: On the Brink watercolor on 100% cotton paper Interested parties may contact me here:

Free and Spontaneous vs. Planned and Designed Art

So I'm standing at my easel contemplating the latest marsh painting.  It started out as a very, VERY ugly duckling and is in that gawky adolescent stage of development. I'm staring and staring and finally it dawns on me that the EFFECT I want is "free and spontaneous", but that in the majority of the foreground what I actually am seeing is somewhat "haphazard and sloppy".   Haphazard and sloppy is, for me, a result of not planning and designing. I'm not saying that the planning and designing can't be done as the work progresses, but that having a plan going in vastly increases my chances of survival and happiness with the work.  In a more general way, this can also describe the act of living one's life, right? Back to the painting.  What I need to do is really analyze the areas that are working and determine how to spread the cheer to the rest of the painting.  I'm feeling optimistic because this is a breakthrough in my learning! Here's the progress so far:                          

Summer Sunrise on the water

Sorry I'm late with the Monday painting!  I've come down with a doozy of a cold (cough, sneeze, sound like a bass).  When I'm like this I usually lay back in my office chair and watch art videos.  I know, sick, right?  I usually get made-from-scratch chicken noodle soup, but on my diet I'm not supposed to have pasta.  Too bad, I had whole wheat pasta anyway.  I'm wondering if I'll wake up with a magical 5 lb. weight gain from the pasta noodles in my soup.  Say-lah-vie, I say. Sometimes bigger isn't better and in this case tiny is just perfect. This sweet summer sunrise is painted on my favorite paper in the world - Cartiera Magnani. 100% cotton and made in Italy. This paper feels like velvet, which in a way isn't good, because it's hard to stop petting it. It wets evenly, and the paints just dance on the surface. Have I said how much I like this paper? This little painting is a gem, and will brighten any corner that needs a touch of late summer sunrise. Summer Morning Mist 2.5"x3.5"  watercolor on 100% cotton paper Interested parties may contact me here: