My Papillon graduates this week!

Yay! Ace graduates from puppy confidence class this week. In honor of the occasion, we're wearing a hat. Well, Ace is. I don't think I'll have time to make him a fedora, so we went the Mardi Gras route. Ace is pretty happy about it (at least the treat part).  


I'm so pleased that my sea turtle painting, titled "Repose", and my Border Collie pup, titled "Rear View" have both been juried into the Wings, Tails and Scales show up in Ohio! Repose was entered last year along with my guinea pig painting. Repose came home and the guinea pig stayed there. Even though Repose came home, she was chosen to advertise the 2013 exhibit. I'm so honored! Maybe this year she'll find a home. I hope so. Thank you to my friend Brett Winn for lending me the photo reference that resulted in "Rear View".    

Pet Portrait Watercolor Sketches

Okay, it's more than a sketch, but I have a hard time holding back!  Isn't this adorable?  I think I'm going to have one of every member of the pack staring at me from my computer desk soon! Between now and December 10, you too, can look at your best pal in a desktop size! This is a true Kittie-original, painted through my own personal filter of eyes, heart and brush! All you need to do is supply the photo, and I'll do the rest. All portraits are painted in the order they are received, so send me your photo references, and use the Paypal button to purchase. As soon as I receive your photos, I'll contact you with an expected delivery date. Pet Sketch watercolor on 100% cotton paper, ready for 8x10 frame. $80 from now through December 10.

Jake’s Ultimate Day Off

If you know me, you know I have a "boyfriend" named Jake. And no, my spousal unit doesn't mind... Jake's a Severe, or mini, Macaw. His job during all the hours I'm available to him is to hang out somewhere on my person and supervise all activities and tasks that his tree (that's me) does during the course of daylight. Sometimes storms come whipping through, causing Jake to need to retire to his cage (oh, I hate that word, let's make it house) for a rest. In reality, Jake can become overly focused on the details of my person to the detriment of our joint activities. Anyhow, Jake's most favorite thing lately is to hang out on my shoulder while I paint. Just before I took this photo, he was on the other shoulder facing my head, and taking a nap. I love it when Jake naps on my shoulder. He grinds his beak, which I find strangely soothing and ruffles his feathers and then his little, round, orange eyes get all squeezy shut and he murmurs a little and bam! asleep he is. It doesn't matter that I'm painting with my right hand and so it must feel to the sleeping bird like he's in a tree with a gentle breeze. I step to and fro, looking at my painting, mixing more paint, applying the paint. Still the green bird naps. Shoulder Painting for the Artistic Parrot Painting in progress, Marshland Interested parties may contact me here: